Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Week in Taiwan 1.5

A few weeks, actually. As I have stated in one of my previous post, I've been pretty busy lately. And from what I can see, my busyness might not end too soon. So I've taken up some time to make up of the few post. Hopefully I'll be able to continue my "A Week in ..." posts ^^; It will contain a short picture journal of what occurred over the week (or weeks as in this case : ) ).

Quite a few folks didn't leave their lanterns planted on the ground long enough for it to generate enough heat to fly, thus causing the lanterns to fly too low and crash, or not fly high enough to pass the tree lines and crash into the branches of the trees.

As CNY begins, the crowds starts growing.
CNY also means hanging out with family and friends staring at little flowers.
The Taipei International Book Expo also opened, and the amount of people at Expo Hall 2 was immense.


Also met 2 really awesome DC comrades, other comrade is hiding on the back : /

CWT (Comic World TW) was also interesting. A lot of cosplayers were there, by TW standards, but compared to LA Anime Expo, this was nothing. Not trying to brag...of course.

There were about 20 photographers for each cosplayer, though this picture doesn't really show that many.
Walking around Taipei when the air is actually cool. Summer not a pretty sight in Taiwan.

Lantern Festival, not mistaken for the SKY Lantern festival.

Folks write their wishes onto paper slips and tie them up.
Manaka Takane Figurine photoshoot will be posted soon!

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