Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sun Link Sea (杉林溪) Recreational Park

Excuses excuses.... 
I didn't blog because of all the busy stuff happening with the arrival of Chinese New Years. 
My Uncle and cousins were free, so we went out to Sun Link Sea (杉林溪) Recreational Park... which really needed a person to fix all the bad English translations in their tourist pamphlets and stuff. 
But who cares about bad translations when the scenery is breathtaking!

We stayed there for about one and a half days, which gave us enough time to hike through every trail in the park. But I think 3 mornings will give you more time to stay at certain places to take photos, as I was with people who don't take photos as much as me... -_-" 

The ecology is very diverse there in Sun Link Sea forest, with evergreen forests, subtropical ferns, streams, waterfalls, you can expect to see many different things you don't normally think of when you are in Taipei or other major metropolitans.

In just another month, the forest flowers will blossom. We were a bit early, so there were only a few types of flowers blooming. 

One of my favorite spots is the "Stone Well Rock". Each of the "wells" are well over 4 meters deep and has a deep blue color. A great place secretly skinny dip in the summer : ).

One of the many trails. Steep and some times slippery, but a great way to lose weight.

The water around the area all have a bluish color, making it look very "mystical".

One of the few Sakura tree's blossoming before spring.

My cousin posing with the tulips.

One of the many waterfalls in the park.

Sun Link Sea Recreational Park is a really great place to go. Coming from US, I wasn't really expecting too much of Taiwan's recreational/national parks. But coming here, I was really surprised. If given the chance, I'd come back here in Spring when all the flowers bloom. And you should too!

Sun Link Sea Recreational Park Link >> CLICK HERE <<

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