Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Manaka Takane (short) Photoshoot

The long awaited photoshoot of the beautiful, none other: Manaka Takane!!! The figure comes with 5 different kinds of hair styles, with her original pony tail as the default. The figure's painting is really good and the overall quality is also not bad, given that this is one of the few figures from Konami that I'm actually interested in. The only thing I find that could've been done better is probably the face. The original drawn character had a slightly less rounded face, whereas the figurine is a bit chubbier, especially if seen from a lower view.
Enough with the long text - to the pics!

Pantsu Shot!!!

5 different hair styles to choose from

Didn't bother to wipe the window.
Actually, I was using a friend's office for the photoshoot, because he requested me to take pictures of diamonds for the company. So by the time I was done shooting the diamonds, I had very little time for Manaka. I'll continue updating this post as soon as I get more images, with proper background, of course.

As far as I know, there are very few of Konami's Love Plus figurines, especially Manaka, this one was the last one at the the figure store, and i checked over 5 different stores, and all of them were sold out. So get the Nendoroid while you can!!!


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