Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 has Arrived!

IE9's arrival has caused quite the buzz, as it has always been on the lower end of the internet browser's food chain. Even though it officially come out for just a few hours, there has been quite a few reviews, and most of them making IE9 sound pretty promising. So here I am, hoping to test out the new and improved IE9.

The old and terribad Internet Explorer 8...

A very "clean" and pretty sight for sore eyes, but does it live up to its "prettiness"?

The Task Manager doesn't prove too much, but at least it shows that IE uses less of your system's resources, compared to Chrome; it used to be much worse.

I tested IE9 on a few multimedia heavy sites, including my own site, and it seems that there is a slight lag compared to Chrome. Especially on the Dead Space 2 site. I know my computer system isn't the best, but if Chrome can do a good job, I expected IE9 to do at least as much, as the the previous version was pretty much trash not that good.
Of course I'm not saying IE9 is terrible, but it's not the greatest, and I'll still stick to Chrome. But compared to IE8, it's WAY better. And as a bonus, it's really pretty : )

If any of you guys think there's a way to boos up IE9's speed, be sure to let me know!

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