Monday, February 7, 2011

Front Mission Evolved Review (PC)


As a huge video game Mecha fan, once I saw the pre-order listing in Steam of Front Mission Evolved, I ordered it immediately. Recently, PC mech games are pretty rare, as Mech Warrior kind of stopped releasing its series (or is just insanely slow with its next release), and there aren't many PC mech games to begin with. 

Now to the game itself...
Single player, I suppose, is "supposed" to be the main attraction of the game, as the multiplayer community is pretty sparse and the matchmaking is broken, so often you have to go up against players that have Wanzers (the mechs) that can blow you up in just a few shots or melee whacks.   
The movement is pretty smooth and the controls are easier to remember than Mech Warrior, that being said, it's because the game is actually a lot more simple, even more to say, a bit repetitive. 
But if you are like me, thinking positive - The graphics aren't half bad, and the Wanzers are quite the looker. Again, the movement is smooth and responsive with no stutter whatsoever.

You can normally walk to snipe enemies with precision or hover speedily and melee whack your enemies to death. The option to shoot missile is also available if you find the helis being too pesky.

The world of Front Mission Evolved is also very expansive, as it takes you through cityscapes, the icy blue Antarctica, deserts with canyons, jungles and even to outer space.

The customization system is pretty neat, as you can change the torso, the arms, the legs and the weapons according to the weight and power output of each part. You can also change the color scheme and add decals you are awarded through the missions, though the option of custom decals would be much appreciated...

One thing that really surprised me in the single player campaign was how you actually get off the Wanzer and go into 3rd person shooter mode. Very impressive way to have the player immerse into the game if you ask me. 

There is also and "Edge" system, which is like a limit break - when you attack and or are attacked, you get more energy to activate Edge, once activated, you move faster, hit harder and everything else slows down, but only for a limited time.

Bosses range from the normal sized but obviously overpowered wanzers to the massive...

  One really low point of the game, to me, is its very short single player mode. Yes you can die a lot at one boss, but it's because you restart that section many times, not because of the actual content of the game.

This game isn't a crowd pleaser, but it still hold its own in many ways, as it is one of the few Mech games for PC. Fans of the ongoing Front Mission series should really like this game, as with mech fans.

And with hot chicks and awesome mechs, who can possibly hate this game?

To me, this game is a love-hate relationship, with a little more to the side of love...

Front Mission Evolved on Steam is still $49.99 USD as of this post, get it on Amazon for half that price for the PC.


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